Wendi’s Sunset Lavender Focuses on ‘Smell, Relax, Repeat’

Wendi Snell of Traverse City knows all too well that life can change in an instant.  She has worked with ALS patients for years as a respiratory therapist and knows how the disease changes not onlyLavender Field the patient but an entire family.

She wanted something to showcase the positive in life and the beauty found in nature.  That’s why she decided to start Wendi’s Sunset Lavender LLC in 2017 at her home in Traverse City.  Her husband jumped on board and helped with the project.  What was once a horse pasture with rolling hills, now has four types of lavender growing across its fields.

Her motto is: “Smell. Relax. Repeat.”  It’s an idea to find calmness and serenity amongst the lavender as you hear the honey bees buzzing about and the birds flying overhead. It could be just the spot someone needs to experience a sense of peace even for a few minutes.

For Wendi, it’s been an evolving process and one she’s learning along the way.  She says she encourages families to come out and experience the lavender farm and even touch the plants and smell them.  Since the rows of lavender are all spaced out, it’s actually the perfect spot to experience with social distancing.

Wendi says she’s already starting to harvest the lavender since the temperatures have been so hot this summer and she plans to dry the plants and start creating gifts and packages.   She’ll eventually sell the products around the holidays and for special occasions.

If you would like to visit Wendi’s Sunset Lavender LLC, you are encouraged to make an appointment or call ahead, and to see what products she has for sale, click here.

For a link to Wendi’s Sunset Lavender LLC Facebook click here.


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