Smile with Your Eyes, Protect Lives

9&10 News wants to remind you to do your part and wear your mask when going out to public places.

Join us in wearing your mask! By doing so, you are helping protect yourself and others.

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  • How it works
    • COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact.
    • All of us have droplets in coughs and sneezes that can carry COVID-19 to others.
    • Coughs spray droplets at least 6 feet. Sneezes travel as far as 27 feet. Droplets also may spread when we talk or raise our voice.
    • These droplets can land on your face or in your mouth, eyes and nose.
    • When you wear a mask, it keeps more of your droplets with you.
    • A mask also adds an extra layer of protection between you and other people’s droplets.
    Mask Risk Infographic showing the risk of two people not wearing mask through to two people wearing masks, 6ft apart

For more information and statistics on mask wearing, CLICK HERE.


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