Science with Samantha: Magic Rainbow Skittles

Meteorologist Samantha Jacques turns one of America’s favorite candies into a liquid, magical rainbow. See how this experiment Sws Magic Rainbow Skittles Photocomes together in this edition of ‘Science with Samantha’.

Magic Rainbow Skittles

The Science Explained: 

Skittles have a hard sugar coating mixed with different food coloring. When the hot water is poured onto the skittles, the water dissolves the sugar coating leaving just the food coloring to mix into the water. Since the Skittles are placed in a circular pattern, the water molecules will attract to each other and move to the center of the plate. This results in the rainbow pattern to form! 

Ingredients Needed: 

  1. Skittles 
  2. Warm to Hot Water 
  3. White Plate

Some Questions To Prompt The Activity 

  1. What are skittles made of?
  2. What will hot water do to the skittles?
  3. Are water molecules attracted to each other?

Experiment Steps:

  1. Place Skittles in a circular pattern on a white plate.
  2. Slowly pour the hot water onto the skittles and plate. 
  3. Watch the rainbow pattern form! 


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