Pres. Trump Advocates for Reopening of Schools in The Fall

07 09 20 Schools Opening In Fall Sot Vo

Conversations continue on if, and how schools will reopen for the coming school year.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos insists schools must reopen and slams plans for a hybrid of alternating days in the classroom.

President Trump agrees with her, going as far as tweeting a threat to defund schools that don’t reopen.

The president also criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s school safety guidelines. He called them “very tough and expensive.”

But the ultimate decision on reopening schools is up to local officials.

Vice President Mike Pence says getting kids back to school is essential to parents going back to work and helping the economy.

New York City’s mayor already announced he will only partly reopen the nation’s largest school district in the fall.

The plan is for students to come to school in person one to three days per week and the average class size will be only nine to 12 students.

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