New Executive Order Requires Healthcare Professionals to Take Implicit Bias Training

A recent press release from Governor Whitmer’s office says that Black Michiganders are four times more likely to get COVID-19 than their white counterparts.

Now, she is trying to lower that statistic by taking note of the racial disparities in the Michigan healthcare system.

On Thursday, Governor Whitmer signed an executive order now requiring all healthcare professionals to under go implicit bias training.

“This virus has shined a light on the staggering health disparities Black Michiganders have faced long before COVID-19 ever hit our state,” said Governor Whitmer.894776d3 046b 4541 Bb59 34b5ced410ee

Now, LARA is able to start creating rules that will require all seeking to renew or register for a medical license to take classes that teach the racial divides in healthcare.

Governor Whitmer said, “I have asked our medical partners and universities to incorporate implicit bias training into their curriculum. So that as people of color seek healthcare they’ll be treated with dignity and respect.”

Munson Healthcare Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Christine Nefcy, says that much more than physical health can determine a person’s wellness.

Dr. Christine Nefcy says, “There are social determinants whether it’s your socioeconomic background, or where you live or your education level, lots of different things that really impact your health.”

And with COVID-19 becoming more prevalent in people of color, it is opening the eyes on those in the field.

“I think what we know now and especially this pandemic has really highlighted that in some ways we are really missing the mark,” said Nefcy.

Munson Healthcare has been requiring employees to take implicit bias training, and is now waiting from the state to update their guidelines.

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