MTM On The Road: Grand Rapids Public Museum Reopens With Tons of Fun Exhibits

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is back open and has fun exhibits for everyone to enjoy.

Right now, you can check out their Bodies Revealed exhibit that features real, preserved body specimens. 

Visitors can interact with the exhibit to learn more about their bodies and their health until September 27. 

In addition to that, they have tons of other great exhibits—from learning about the West Michigan environment to finding out more about the people who originally inhabited it. 

Guests will be able to take a step back in time as they make their way through the TOYS! exhibit, which features popular toys and games through past generations. 

It also includes a 1980s themed arcade! 

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is excited to have people back in and learning, but they do expect visitors to social distance and wear masks. 

Our On The Road crew, Gabriella and Stephanie, are giving us a look around the museum at everything you’ll get to see.

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