MSP Uses Facial Recognition to Identify Man in Bar Fight

In a recent arrest of a Mesick man, the Michigan State Police were able to use facial recognition to identify him.

On Saturday, MSP were called to a fight at a bar in Crawford County. When they arrived, they’re suspect resisted arrest and refused to provide his information. That’s when troopers were able to use facial recognition to identify him as Joshua Sutcliffe from Mesick.

Lt. Derrick Carroll, public information officer for the Michigan State Police, says the technology isn’t new but is being more widely used in investigations:

“If the person is refusing to give over who they are, any kind of identification, this is just another means we can use in our tool belt for investigative leads to try to identify the individual.”

Lt. Carroll says they can get a response within five to ten minutes. The photos can be matched with any government agency office including Secretary of State.