Manistee 12-Year-Old Has a Need For Speed, Professional Drag Racer

A 12-year-old in Manistee is already getting behind the wheel as a professional drag racer.

Ean Guenthardt began his drag racing career last year after watching the sport on television.

“It’s a lot of fun when you get to ride down the track at 85 miles an hour,” says Guenthardt.

The preteen is a licensed professional drag racer.

“It’s a lot of fun and it’s really cool when you get to ride in these things and other kids may not be able to,” says Ean.

It’s a sport that may be terrifying to some, but for Ean, the rev of the engine and taking off to a speed of 85 miles per hour gets his heart racing.

“It starts pumping when I get later in the rounds, it just starts, my blood pressure just starts going through the roof.”

Ean’s dad, Timothy Guenthardt says he enjoys watching his son do what he loves:

“It’s very humbling to watch him grow and how serious he takes it when he straps into the car. A lot of these cars are designed safe for the kids, I mean there’s always that element of danger and you never know what happens.”

Ean’s currently competing in his second season of drag racing, so far with eight wins under his belt.

He says his favorite was when everyone thought he would lose:

“The one in Stanton really meant a lot to me because I was one of the slowest cars there and I had a low percent chance of winning and I just proved everyone else wrong,” says Ean.

But win or lose, Ean’s dad says he’s proud of his son every time he finishes a race:

“With him we’re just excited and proud and it’s humbling to watch him, how he takes he takes is seriously at 12 years old,” says Timothy.

If you would like to support Ean and his drag racing career, you can buy his merchandise here at Guenthardt Racing or you can sponsor Ean here: Ean Guenthardt Driver of Team Orange for Guenthardt Racing