Local Health Leaders Explain MI Safe Start Map

You may have seen or heard a lot in recent weeks about the MI Safe Start Map.

It maps the risk of the coronavirus spreading in different regions of the state.

It’s divided into different regions and each of those regions assigned a risk level for the spread of the coronavirus. Those levels are different from economic reopening phases. The entire state sits somewhere between medium and high risk.

“What that tells us is we’re having more spread of the virus, and I think we know that locally we have seen that and it’s important that we pay attention to that because this is the data that we use to monitor the current epidemiology in the area and that drives and informs our decision making,” said Dr. Josh Meyerson, Health Director for DHD #4.

But just a few days ago, the Upper Peninsula and much of northern Michigan were in the low risk phase.

“We moved up in to the really a medium risk and why that happened is because although our test results the percent positivity did increase a little bit, it’s still below 3% currently, but it did trend upward over the last week and then the big thing is we had a big increase in the number of cases,” said Dr. Meyerson.

And it’s the data on the site is one part of what the state uses in determining what’s next.

“Our circles still need to be small and we all need to mask up when we’re in public, to wash our hands regularly and really to promote the physical distancing that’s going to be important if we’re going to be able to keep our case counts in check and not have to take more drastic measures,” said Dr. Meyerson.

Mi Safe Start

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