Gov. Whitmer Stresses Face Masks As COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Grow

Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference Thursday morning and after the gradual rise in COVID 19 cases, people worried a phase change was coming with it.

More than 600 COVID-19 cases confirmed Wednesday, the highest single day number in Michigan since May.

Gov. Whitmer is leaving the state right where they are at, but she’s stressed that there’s one way to make sure we move forward and do it soon.Whitmer Presser Pic

“Make a mask. Make a political statement saying ‘I hate masks’ if you want,” says Whitmer, “But just wear it. That’s all I ask.”

For now, there isn’t a phase change coming to Michigan regions but the way the numbers are trending, the state is closer to sliding back than moving forward.

“People want to know, is there a specific number we get to before we make the next step or take a step backwards,” says Whitmer, ”I understand that that’s a question people want to understand but there’s so much uncertainty.”

The number of cases has slightly risen but Whitmer says contact tracing has allowed for context.

“140 cases associated with Harper‘s in East Lansing, where we can trace and isolate people, is a scenario that is much different than 140 cases that are totally random,” says Whitmer.

She says outside of a vaccine, the most effective defense against COVID is wearing a mask.

“Human behavior is the thing that is going to determine what direction we’re headed,” says Whitmer.

She says it is the law, you must wear a mask indoors. Stricter mandates and punishments may be needed for businesses and individuals to follow the law.

“Now we are determining what is going to be most helpful to encourage compliance,” says Whitmer.

Her office hasn’t decided if those penalties are going to be towards the establishments or towards individuals but says that she expects to have the guidelines and mandates set in the coming days.

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