Education Outdoors Selling Customized Wooden Puzzles

Chances are over the last several months you’ve been doing one of 2 things. You’ve either been outdoors exploring NorthernWood Puzzles Vo 4.transfer Michigan or you’ve been indoors playing boardgames or mastering puzzles. Education Outdoors is a company in Eastport who is known for their Nature themed games, toys, and accessories. 

They decided recently to make customized wooden puzzle in-house in light of the ongoing pandemic. Supply chain issues pushed them to get creative and rely on their own two hands— sourcing all of the materials they need to make this product right here in the United States. 

Currently, they are selling 120 piece puzzles with hopes of upping it to 500. The process is simple. You pick a photo and send it in and they take care of the rest. Making your art or loved ones come to life with a long-lasting wooden puzzle. 

Tim Paczesny, the owner of Education Outdoors says, “this allows you to take a piece of fine art and turn it into a puzzle and have a picture that’s a memory and be able to put that down onto the wood!”

If you would like to learn more about Education Outdoors or would like to purchase a puzzle, click here.  

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