United Way 211 Services Provides COVID-19 Test Site Locations

The United Way of Northwest Michigan is known as a link for community members when it comes to crucial services or assistance. One of their well-known services involves simply dialing 211 on Unitedway211your phone to reach an operator in your community with information about resources.

As of early July, The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced that it is teaming up with the free 211 service to provide COVID-19 test site locations throughout the state.  The purpose is to enable people to easily access test sites in their community.

CEO for United Way of Northwest Michigan, Seth Johnson says 211 provides people in northern Michigan the opportunity to easily get information over the phone about the test sites in their community, without having to search online.

Plus, 211 has a wide range of other resources when people call and provide a one-stop-shop of information.

For more information about United Way of Northwest Michigan and the 211 service click here.

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