Sanford Strong, Midland Community Foundation Creates Fund to Rebuild Sanford

In May, thousands were evacuated from their homes after two dam failures in Midland County.

The dam failures were triggered by heavy rains that eventually led to the Edenville dam to collapse, draining Wixom lake into towns like Sanford.

Now while the community waits for federal funding, they’re raising money to pick up the pieces.

“We found pretty quick that our community can come together and accomplish a lot,” says Teresa Quintana, director of the Sanford Fund.

Governor Whitmer asked President Trump for emergency funding for the Sanford Area on June 15, but still hasn’t heard back. Quintana says until that decision is made, there’s an immediate need in her hometown:

“After weeks started going by and insurance claims are being denied for various reasons, we just felt the need that we were going to have to start something else to supplement the resources that are needed to rebuild.”

That’s when Quintana and her friend Emily Ricards, creator of the Sanford Strong Facebook Page, decided to create a fund that would help rebuild Sanford.

Ricards says, “There’s just so much that the area needs and that doesn’t even get into the residential dwelling that we need to replace and rebuild.”

Quintana says and get people back into their homes:

“It’s a really harsh, hot summer anyways so it’s really not ideal weather for living in a tent or living in a camper.”

Ricards and Quintana reached out to the Midland Area Community Foundation and started the “The Greater Sanford Lake Area Residential Flood Recovery Project.”

Sharon Mortensen, president and CEO of the Midland Area Community Foundation, says, “We make sure that we listen to those that are on the ground, dealing with this and help to respond in ways that are going to have greatest impact on our community.”

The fund just started this week and they hope to begin rebuilding soon.

“That’s why it’s so important to have a fund specifically for Sanford,” says Ricards. “There is a huge need and right now our most urgent need is to keep our community together.

You can donate to the Sanford Fund through the Midland Community Foundation. A direct link can be found here: Greater Sanford Lake Area Residential Flood Recovery Project Fund

All of the money go toward providing resources for people to rebuild or remodel their homes that were damaged in the flood.