Peninsula Fire Department Adding Third Station to Service Northern Homes

The Peninsula Township Fire Department just got the green light to build another fire station.Screen Shot 2020 07 08 At 4.16.02 Pm

Old Mission is almost twenty miles from the bottom to the top, and currently, emergency crews have two stations. One near the base, the other in Mapleton.

Tuesday, the township board approved plans for the third station at the northern end of the peninsula.

Station 3 will have two crew members and two bays for department vehicles. They will be able to respond to all medical and fire calls on the north side of the peninsula, which includes 250+ homes.

“It’s roughly about 7 miles away from [Station 2] where we’re going to build Station 3,” said fire chief Fred Gilstorff. “It takes us roughly 10 to 18 minutes to get into the northern section of the township…[the new station] is going to drastically reduce our response times.”

Those minutes count in an emergency. Chief Gilstorff hopes the new addition to the community will prevent avoidable tragedies.

“A fire doubles in size every minute. You take the time that it takes to get up there, and add that to it, and now what would have been a bedroom fire, a small fire, has now escalated.”

Jim Richards has owned the Old Mission General Store for more than 20 years. His shop is near the tip, and he’s excited to have more localized service.

“I feel pretty good about it. When we can have a fast response, it makes everybody feel a little easier. You know?”

Right now, homes in northern area have a 10 ISO rating because they’re so far from emergency assistance. That’s the worst score you can have. The new station will help bring that down.

“It does have the potential to save residents money on their home insurance but the main thing is we’re getting to people faster,” said the chief.

The building will be paid for by the township.

All of the furnishings inside, including beds and sleeping quarter furnishings, were donated by Golden Fowler Home Furnishings.

It should be completed by October or November.