MTM On The Road: Reed City Group Supplies PPE Worldwide Throughout Pandemic

Reed City Group is a global plastic parts supplier who has been a huge help during the coronavirus pandemic. 

When the state was closed down, they were deemed essential and manufactured tons of PPE. 

During this time, Reed City Group has been able to put an extra amount of focus on the emergency products they were already making. 

In the beginning of the pandemic, they produced over a dozen tools in less than four weeks. They soon became a global manufacturer for PPE, including face shields.

So far, Reed City Group has been involved in 22 PPE and COVID-19 related projects. 

This new focus has also allowed them to hire over 30 new people, which has been a huge benefit for the community. 

Our On The Road crew, Gabriella and Stephanie, are live there to give us a look at their production.

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