Midland Ace Hardware Receives 48,000 Pounds of Drywall to Donate in Flood Relief

To aid in the Midland County flood relief, Ace Hardware recently donated more than 48,000 pounds of drywall.

The idea originated from Store Manager Daniel Buzzell who reached out to the Ace Hardware corporate office to see if they could help in the relief,

They returned in donating more than $7,000 in drywall.

Buzzell says the idea to donate drywall came from his college days of volunteering after hurricane Katrina:

“It just immediately sparked in me, this thought that, they’re going to need drywall. It’s the exact same thing as what happened down there so they’re going to need it.”

The drywall is being donated to United Way of Midland County to help rebuild the hundreds of homes destroyed in the floods.