Grand Traverse Honor Guard Unveils New Van to Transport Veterans to Events

Thanks to generous community support, the Honor Guard has a reliable set of wheels to transport veterans. Image000000

The group unveiled their brand new van at Bill Marsh in Kalkaska on Wednesday morning.

They bought a 15-seat van with $52,000 in community donations.

The plan to buy a car has been a long time coming, but with the pandemic, they couldn’t get it until now.

The Honor Guard uses it to take vets to all kinds of events and appointments around town. For months, they have all been putting miles on their personal vehicles.

The group will put the van to use right away.

“Because of the virus, we’re backed up with our funerals, so we are going to be doing three and four funerals several days of the week,” said Larry Lelito, Marine chaplin. “When we asked for help, it poured in from all over.”

The group says they have a busy summer ahead with lots of other rescheduled activities