Emmet Co. Eagle Released Back Into the Wild

An eagle was released back into the wild on Wednesday after being rehabilitated from an injury.

Back in April, the eagle was brought to the nonprofit With Feathers, which rescues, rehabs, and releases birds in Northern Michigan.

After being taken to a veterinarian to be x-rayed, they found out it had a dislocated shoulder. With Feathers did not have the facilities to keep the eagle, so they brought it to ARK in Roscommon for long term care.

Once they felt he was ready to be released back into the wild, With Feathers transported him back to where he was found to be released.

“He was ready for release so he came back to the exact sport he was captured and he was released today,” said Tanya Procknow, a licensed state and federal rehabilitator with With Feathers. “So when we let him out, he hopped over to a ridge where he could sit back and watch everything and sat there for a minute or so and took off and found a tree.”

For more on With Feathers, you can check out their Facebook page.