8-Year-Old Charlevoix Boy Donates Money to Toys for Tots

When school closed because of COVID-19, 8-year-old Teagan Agawa from Charlevoix wanted to find something to do to fill his time. That’s when he decided to collect bottles and cans and donate the money to Toys for Tots.

“It actually helps two things at once,” Teagan said. “It helps with Toys for Tots, which is the main goal for this, and it also helps the earth with recycling.”

He set a goal for himself to collect $200.

“My goal in mind was $200 and we literally gotten a lot over that,” Teagan said.

And he has gone way over his goal and raised almost $1,000.

“Never did we think that it would grow to such a big outpouring from the community,” said Toys for Tots Coordinator Paul Bianchi. “It’s just fantastic that a young man like that would think about the other kids in the community so it’s just a great situation.”

Bianchi said all the money raised will stay in the area to give local kids toys for Christmas.

“We will purchase gifts that will then fill the voids for items that we don’t get,” Bianchi said. “But then we also like to branch out, purchase more books, do more some more STEM type kits, robots and science and technology type of things. That money will go really far to cover that need.”

Img 3637Teagan has a few reasons for donating the money to Toys for Tots.

“I’m a kid and it helps out kids,” Teagan said. “Another reason is because my grandpa’s in the Marine Corps League and they do Toys for Tots. So I thought it would also help out my grandpa.”

And Teagan’s grandpa, Richard Grosberg, could not be more proud of his grandson.

“I’m extremely proud,” Grosberg said. “This is way more than he expected and he’s been countless hours into this and I know he’s very excited about it and even talks about trying to keep on doing this.”

To donate to Teagan’s fundraiser, you can drop off your cans and bottles or send monetary donations to 9134 Burgess Rd, Charlevoix, MI, 49720.

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