Grayling Hospital Maternal and Newborn Center Reopens

Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital had to shut down its Maternal and Newborn Center because of COVID-19. 07 07 20 Grayling Hospital Birthing

However, on Tuesday it is back open.

When coronavirus cases spiked in the area, hospital officials closed down the unit and redirected expecting mothers to their Gaylord hospital.

Now, soon-to-be moms can have their significant other in the room as well as a midwife.

Someone can also accompany them to ultrasounds and other prenatal visits.

“Moms’ significant others were left out of that very exciting time and that, again, is very lonely for moms. So we did just change that so that mom can have a visitor with her for her office visit and her ultrasound,” said Mary Schubert, Executive Director of Women and Children Services.

Munson says patient safety is its top priority.

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