Artist Profile: Abby Croskey

Abby Croskey is a young, budding artist who combines contemporary with traditional styles in her hypnotizing artwork. We got a look into her life, and where she stemmed her talent from in this 2e9164cb Da9e 48a2 8a49 2ef09decd604edition of ‘Artist Profile’.

Who are you?

“My name is Abby Croskey. I’m originally from Cadillac and graduated there. I started doing art really young because I had a lot of unfortunate things happening when I was a kid. It was always really hard to focus on school and studies, and ultimately I was grounded a lot because of it.”

What is your favorite medium?

“Pastels are really messy to deal with but it’s one of my favorite mediums to work in. I think my best art has been produced that way. Obviously I like painting just because that’s how I started.”

What was your inspiration?

“I find inspiration in people’s personalities. Like your favorite color, what your expression looks like, and what I’m getting from just looking at them. I just try and produce what I see and what I feel.”

For more information about Abby Croskey, and her artwork – click here.

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