AG Nessel, Gov. Whitmer Sue Betsy DeVos Over Education Funding

The state of Michigan is leading a coalition of states in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education and, specifically, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The state says DeVos is intentionally misreading the CARES Act and falsely directing relief money to rich private schools.

The CARES Act says how the money should be allocated between public and private schools. The Department of Education says differently, and the difference in Michigan is $16.5 million.Lawsuit Pic 2

“We must fight for every single dollar available for education,” says Attorney Genera Dana Nessel. “Michigan cannot afford for Betsy DeVos to play politics with their education.”

Nessel and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer say the CARES Act clearly says funding is meant for the disadvantaged, the Department of Education says it should be spread out evenly among everyone.

“Under their new rule, private schools in affluent districts may receive services that Congress intended for disadvantaged students,” Gov. Whitmer says.

Sixteen-and-a-half million more dollars are going to private schools and away from public schools. State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice says that money would help “to buy personal protective equipment for 33,944 students.”

The state is relying on federal funds to balance the budget. And they need those funds in the right place.

“Now it’s time for the federal government to do their part,” Whitmer says.

Attorney General Nessel hopes that they get a ruling, or at least an injunction, in the next coming weeks.

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