Traverse City Police Body Cam Meeting Approves $100,000 Budget

Traverse City commissioners decided to pursue a request that would equip local law enforcement with body cameras.07 07 20 Tc Body Cam Meeting

They approved a budget amendment on Monday night for up to $100,000 for cameras that would be given to officers at the Traverse City Police Department.

This follows weeks of nationwide protests calling for more police accountability.

Last month, protesters gave the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office a list of 10 changes they’d like to see. Body cams were on that list.

Police Chief Jeff O’Brien gave an update on the different systems the department could buy, including alternatives to traditional body cams.

“They want to reduce it to as little hardware as we possibly can, so the phone application could be turned in every year, it could be updated as opposed to…a camera that’s a five year agreement and who knows what that technology will hold within five years,” O’Brien says.

The police department is expected to deliver a formal plan to the commission at a future meeting.