‘Taste of Clare County’ Helps Vendors Facing Losses From Canceled Fair

Clare County, like many across the state, has canceled its annual fair.

To make up for the lost rides, music and livestock sales, the community hosted a “Taste of Clare County” on Sunday.

The fair board brought five of their regular food vendors to set up shop for the event.

One business owner says that these small events have helped to make ends meet but there is no way to make up for this year’s losses.

“I have five different concession trailers and most of them are working every week so I make all my money in a short period of time,” said Evergreen Concession owner Bob Green.

“It’s been rough. I have a couple trailers I don’t even think will come out of the barn this summer.”

The Clare County Fairgrounds says they may host a similar event in the fall to help vendors.