Michigan Unemployment Update: Claims Made Before May 1 Now All Addressed

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Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency says it’s made determinations on all certified jobless claims from before May 1 that still hadn’t been paid out.

The UIA set a goal to handle all of those by this last weekend.

Now the agency wants to keep clearing out its backlog of jobless benefit claims filed before June 1.

Determinations on those will be made by July 20.

The state says since March 15, more than $15 billion in benefits have been paid out to more than 2 million workers.

More than 97% of those eligible and certified have received or have been approved for benefits.

Most of the remaining claims left unfulfilled are flagged for potential impostor fraud.

Less than 39,000 claims have yet to be resolved because of trouble identifying who’s making the claim, while just over 20,000 are being held for other reasons.