Britten Inc. Gives Local Students a Chance to Help the Community and a Summer Job

When you think of summer jobs you probably think of ice cream shops and seasonal work. This summer many local high schoolers are spending their days making a difference in their communityBritten Banner Ll while earning a little bit of cash – all thanks to Britten Inc..

This Traverse City business is known for its banners and event signage, but like many businesses, they have switched gears to help the fight against COVID-19. With the help of about 12 students from Kingsley, they have been able to produce isolation and hospital gowns for medical facilities across the nation.

‘The Four’s Madison Gardner and Cheif Photojournalist, Derrick Larr were able to get a quick lesson in sewing, and a tour of Britten Inc.’s facility.

For more information about Britten Inc. – click here.

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