Harrison Eagle’s Aerie Leveled By Fire

Bridget Appleton has been coming to the Harrison Eagle’s Aerie for 25 years, and this morning she got a call she didn’t expect.

Bridget says, “My buddy heard the fire truck go by at about 5:30 this morning and then I came down earlier and saw it in flames. I saw it just burning down, like, all of my memories. We have so many childhood memories here.”

Those at the scene tried to recover what they could.

Bridget says, “We were able to get a lot of things out that needed to be out. However, we lost a lot.”

Harrison Fire Department said they arrived on the scene at 5:30 in the morning on Sunday, but say the fire was so hot they may not know what caused it.6 5 20 Harrison Fire

Harrison Fire Chief, Chris, Damvelt, said, “Here we are, hours later with a building on the ground and now idea how it started.”

By the time firefighters got in the building, most of its main frame was already destroyed.

“We got in the front door. The heat was so bad you couldn’t get any farther than that. Then about that same time, the rear roof came down already,” said Chief Damvelt.

He says he had to call in an excavator to peel the roof off of the building to let out heat, just to be able to extinguish the fire.

Chief Damvelt said, “It had a steel roof on it. For most of it. And the steel traps all kind of the heat and stuff in there.”

People have already started offering their help, but Bridget is excited for the day they all She says, “We are a community of Harrison. We are Eagles members and we stand by each other. And no matter what, it’ll be back.”

Harrison Fire Department says there were no injuries and the cause of the fire is still to be determined.