Riverside Inn Closes Bar Due to Lack of Distancing, Masks

The Riverside Inn owner, Kate Vilter, says since they’ve reopened she’s seen an uptick in people not following their COVID-19 safety protocol.

“At the bar we’ve had more and more problems with the guests not wearing face masks and definitely weren’t adhering to the social distancing rules,” said Vilter.

She says it’s gotten to the point where she needs to put her employees first.

“It was attacks on our staff and our staff is very nervous going forward,” Vilter said. We decided that we had to take away the bar stools and eliminate that problem all together.”

Manager, Jen Kareck says many of their guests visit while on vacation, but shouldn’t forget any public place could still be an exposure site.

Kareck says, “I think for some this is a place they go to for vacation to forget reality and so some don’t want this pandemic to be their reality that’s followed them into vacation.”42616c05 Bc3e 414d 9821 3d252215dd5e

So the Riverside Inn is making decisions to manage the issues they’re seeing.

“That area is hard to mitigate. As guests walk by often you see people you know so it’s hard to keep them in a stool. It’s a place where you naturally want to gravitate towards other people and want to be social,” said Kareck.

With holiday weekend crowds on their way north, they felt this was the best time to make those changes.

“I need to make sure my staff is safe and protected,” Vilter said.

The Riverside Inn says these procedures will be in place for the foreseeable future and are making plans to go back to curbside and take out if need be.

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