Paws for Health: Pet Safety during the Fourth of July

We can’t forget about our fur children during the July 4th celebrations, especially with fireworks, company over the house and the stress that can sometimes come with any holiday. During a Paws Thundershirt 1for Health, Dr. Jen Klabunde with Northwood Animal Hospital in Grand Traverse County has some simple and yet effective recommendations for pet owners.

First of all, Dr. Klabunde recommends that people consider special vests for dogs called ThunderShirts that work to help calm the animal during moments when they might feel stressed or scared. These are especially helpful for some dogs when fireworks are going off.

Dr. Klabunde says cats and dogs have heightened senses compared to humans, so they of course hear and feel the vibrations of the fireworks much more intensely than we do. This is why some animals are absolutely terrified during firework celebrations.

Dr. Klabunde also recommends contacting your veterinarian for calming medications if your dog or cat needs extra calming. She says it’s always smart to consult with a vet first and foremost.

In addition, putting your pet in a room with music on to block out sounds from fireworks is also smart. It provides a distraction away from the constant sounds outside.

For more information about keeping your pet calm and safe during the July 4th holiday and to contact Northwood Animal Hospital click here.


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