MSP Adds Patrols on M-115 for Holiday Traffic

The Michigan State Police expect the traffic this weekend to be higher than in previous years, which means there are extra patrols on the roads to keep those traveling north and those who live here safe.

MSP are also warning people to slow down and drive safely.

“We’re seeing an increase in not just speeding, but excessive speeding,” says Trooper Ryan Krebiehl.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, state police have pulled over 621 drivers and given out 425 speeding tickets just on M-115.

They say they even caught someone going 116 miles per hour on M-115 where the speed limit is just 55.

“The faster you go the longer you’re stopping distance is, so that doesn’t allow you the proper amount of time to come to a safe stop,” says Krebiehl.

Emily and Andrew Beveridge from Detroit say they also noticed speeding as an issue on the roads.

“There was some people with trailers that were going way too fast for having a big camper or trailer on the back of their cars, so we did see some of that,” says Emily.

Andrew says he doesn’t mind the extra eyes on the roads:

“I’m totally in support of that, like my wife said there was some people going pretty fast, driving a little reckless so that’s good that they’re out making sure everyone’s safe, we don’t want anything bad to happen this weekend.”

Again, Trooper Krebiel says to slow down and keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of you in case you have to stop suddenly.