Firework Sales Up This Summer, Keeping Safety in Mind For Your At Home Show

The coronavirus has forced many communities to cancel their Fourth of July fireworks, but it is not stopping the festivities.

Many firework stores are seeing a big increase in sales this summer.

“It started from day one,” said Robert Boyea.

His family runs the TNT Fireworks tent in Cheboygan.

Robert was only supposed to help out a *little bit this season, but they say things have been much busier than this time last year.

“Second day we were out of smoke bombs, things like that; and we couldn’t get anymore,” Robert said. “This has been a super year.”

From things that make you go ‘whoa baby’ to a ‘mag dog’ — they’ve got *a lot, but at the same time, they say they’ve sold a lot.

The increase in sales also increases the risk for accidents.

“Even though they seem harmless, they’re dangerous,” said Harbor Springs Police Chief Kyle Knight.

Chief Knight says he’s seen an upward trend of firework sales in his community, which could be concerning if people aren’t careful.

“We want everybody to have fun, but we don’t want anyone to get hurt,” Chief Knight said.

He says people should remember they are explosives, and if one doesn’t seem to work right…

“Don’t go up to it if it doesn’t go off, and if they don’t go off put them in water so that way they are just done,” Chief Knight said.

And with the lack of rain we’ve seen lately in Northern Michigan, there’s an increase in fire danger.

With that risk, it’s best to call 911 before something gets out of hand.

Don’t worry, you will not ruin their holiday weekend.

“Wouldn’t bother us at all, that’s why we’re here, we’re here to help people out,” Chief Knight said.

And if you want to *make the Boyea family’s weekend…

“Folks come on out and buy what we got left, that we can close up today and enjoy the fourth ourselves,” Robert said.