Firework Safety Tips from the Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department

At the moment, fireworks are legal and accessible – that doesn’t mean that they are safe. Even sparklers can burn up to 2000 degrees – sending plenty of kids to the emergency room each year. Fireworks

And with so many traditional firework displays canceled this year, more families are bringing to the show to the backyard. The risk for a dangerous situation to happen this year is even greater, and with the lack of rain and dry ground – something much worse could happen than just a burnt hand. 

“Our official stance has always been – leave it to the pros,” said Lt. Kyle Clute, with the GT Metro Fire Department, “and unfortunately many do not have that option this year”.

Lt. Clute also mentioned that if you do choose to light your own fireworks, you need to take all safety precautions. Here are some of his recommendations for staying safe this holiday weekend:

  1. Before you buy, talk to the pros, and research the product. Ask questions like “how far do the flares spread and what are the warnings for this particular product?”.  Also, make sure you purchase your fireworks from an authorized and licensed fireworks dealer. 
  2. Check out the state and local laws, rules, and ordinances regarding fireworks. You may only be allowed to set off fountains that have to stay under a certain height. Some communities also have time limits in which you can light off fireworks. Be sure to check your local, current fire risk as well. 
  3. Always keep children at a safe distance, and use this time to talk to them about the dangers of fireworks. Even sparklers can be dangerous. 
  4. Always have a source of water or extinguisher nearby. A better option is to light off fireworks over a body of water. If you do choose to light them off the ground, make sure the area is well saturated. 
  5. Wherever you do choose to safely light off fireworks, make sure you have permission to be there. Many think it is okay to use the middle of your neighborhood street, but depending on where you live – you may not own that property. 

Just be smart, and keep yourself, everyone around you, and your environment safe this holiday weekend.

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