Coronavirus Concerns Amid the Holiday Weekend

07 03 2020 Corona Latest Mtm Vo

After months of social distancing and staying at home, now the coronavirus pandemic is worse than it has ever been in the U.S.

Adding more than 50,000 cases in just 24 hours.

It comes as millions look to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Thirty-seven states are now seeing a rise in cases.

At the beginning of June, Florida was averaging about 600 a day. Yesterday, the state added 10,000 cases.

The governor in Texas just issued a new executive order mandating masks. It’s something the state pushed resisted for weeks.

With cases spreading rapidly among young adults, Dr. Anthony Fauci says we need to get young people to take responsibility.

Florida is now considered one of the epicenters of the pandemic.

Many Florida lawmakers are pushing for the governor to make masks mandatory, but he still says he is not interested in doing that.

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