Cellar 152: The Perfect 4th of July Picnic

Picnics are perfect for any summer day, but on a holiday weekend, they are ideal! Madison Gardner went to Elk Rapids to meet up with the General Manager at Cellar 152. They are your one-stop-Cellar 152shop for all your picnic needs. From picnic bags, picnic blankets and homemade dips, sandwiches, drinks, and more— they’ve got you covered. 

Cellar 152 is known for its homemade Whitefish Pate. This pairs perfectly with their many wines, cheeses, and crackers. If you’re not looking for a picnic, Cellar 152 is also the only place in Elk Rapids where you can sit outside and have a view of the water. 

This holiday weekend, they are going to be having live music on their patio. 

General Manager, Eric Ray says, “This is the place to stop. I mean we’ve got excellent parks and the beach and the Art park that runs along Lake Michigan that no one knows about. There are great places to go that are private, you can have conversations and have a great picnic.”

If you would like more information on Cellar 152, click here.


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