Task Force Sends Military to Protect Controversial Monuments

07 02 20 Statue Task Force Vo

The Department of Homeland Security is now sending military teams across the country to protect monuments and statues.

This is in response to continued protests over racial injustice and heightened conversation about confederate statues.

Last week, President Trump created the task force with an executive order. The president tweeted the order is now in full force and violations could result in a 10-year prison term.

But some cities and states have already started the process of removing controversial statues. Wednesday the Christopher Columbus statue standing out front of city hall in Columbus, Ohio was removed.07 02 20 Renaming Military Bases Wipe Vo

And President Trump is threatening to veto an amendment requiring the pentagon to rename 10 military bases that are named after confederate leaders.

Congress is currently considering this amendment, calling it the National Defense Authorization Act.

The president believes our men and women who left these bases shouldn’t be told the base where they trained and the last place they saw American soil was a racist institution.

But some military leaders and Republican lawmakers have already expressed their support for renaming the 10 bases.