Secretary of State Teaming Up With Professional Athletes To Boost Voting

Michigan has a major election coming up in November as does everyone in the country.

Given the push to increase voter turn out, make the process easier and keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is helping spearhead an initiative with athletes across the country.

Athletes like LeBron James are involved in using arenas and team facilities as “mega polling stations” and absentee ballot pick up and drop off sites. Benson On Big Elex Pic

The large spaces also give more room to socially distance when voting in person.

“Within each city or market, you will see at the professional and collegiate level our teams and athletic departments and athletes partnering directly with election administrators,” says Benson, “To do more than simply just register people to vote or broadly encourage them to vote. They will  assist them in ensuring their voice is being heard and their ballot is being counted.”

Right now it has been focused in major cities but the hope is to get colleges and sporting venues in smaller towns involved as well.

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