Hook & Hunting: Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week

This weekend thousands of boats will find their way into the water as people travel for the holiday weekend. Aquatic Invasive Species

It’s up to boaters to make sure they aren’t transporting any invasive species.

This week is Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week.

Invasive species can damage natural ecosystems in our waterways.

So before you take your boat from one lake to the next, there are a few things you should consider.

“These three things clean, drain, dry is really really simple. Takes about five minutes when you’re done boating for the day to take a quick 360 degree and remove things that aren’t supposed to be there,’ said Kevin Walters, Aquatic Biologist.

Boaters can be fined up to $100 for ignoring state guidelines of transporting your boat.

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