Wayfarer Lodgings: 100-Year-Old Cabins You Can Stay in This Summer

It’s always a good time going back in time… Northern Michigan has plenty of history and charm to discover. With many vacations and travel plans canceled for the summer, it’s a perfect time to Wayfarer 8x4 Signexplore what’s in your own backyard. One of these historic places that should be added to your list is the beautiful Wayfarer Lodgings in Frankfort. The main house and the several cottages adjacent to the home are over 100 years old. Yes, you heard that right— you can stay in a well-kept cottage that was built a century ago! Pretty neat stuff. 

Mike Jones, the owner of Wayfarer Lodgings says,  “The house was built in 1914 but the front row of the cottages were built in winter 1920 all 10 of them were done by the mid-30s. It was built by the houses built by a local politician but a ferry Captain bought the property in 1920 and put the front row cabins in for the people coming off the ferries.”

Mike and his wife, Iris, have owned the business and property for 25 years. Over the years they’ve had to keep up with the maintenance of the tiny cabins, “ they all have new roofs, new carpeting– all the rest of that but I mean it’s the little upgrades that we do while we still want to maintain the fact that it’s eclectic it’s it’s it’s older and southern but it has all modern amenities flushing water toilets and washing showers,” says Mike.

Another frequently asked question is if they have Air Conditioning… The answer is no! Mike says simply, “The reason I don’t have air conditioning is number one I don’t want to listen to them. Number two, these were built in the 1920s if you want a breeze, open the windows!”

The cottages range from $80-$150/night depending on the size of family and amenities. If you would like to visit or need more information, click here.

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