The Four Sessions: Old Americana Band Performs ‘Words Can Hurt’

We wrapped up our show today with the ‘Old Americana Band‘. This group focuses on bringing people together with their love for music, and positive messages. Their song, Words Can Hurt is a Words Can Hurt Pkg 4heartfelt reminder to be kind to one another, and to show a little appreciation to your loved ones.

Here’s a little about the band and the story behind a very interesting collaboration – between whiskey maker and a music group:

“The Old Americana Band has its roots in Nashville, Tennessee. While visiting Nashville, Francesco Viola, owner of Luca Mariano Distillery and Versatrans®, Inc., found himself watching a band tear it up on stage, when he realized the potential of pairing his properly aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with a great live band. Francesco knew that providing top-shelf bourbon paired with a unique live music experience – would prove to be a win-win for everyone. That night as the band was packing up, he approached the guitar player, Kenny Fuller, and over the course of a few bourbons and good laughs the two developed the idea for The Old Americana Band.”

“The Old Americana Band focuses on bringing good music, good people, and great bourbon together. The Old Americana Band family is made up of a rotating cast of the best musicians from Nashville, making every show a top-shelf, once in a lifetime experience. With a full-length album of original songs inspired by true-life experiences, The Old Americana Band is bringing an infectious authenticity to audiences. Their original music is written to invoke a passion for sharing life with those around you. Genre-bending and dance-worthy, their live show encourages audiences to forget about tomorrow and live in the moment by having a great time with the people you love”.

For more information about the ‘Old Americana Band’ – click here

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