Pitt Spitters Prepare for Fans on Opening Night

The gates at Turtle Creek Stadium in Traverse City finally welcomed fans back on Wednesday night, but it looked quite different than opening day last year.

The Pit Spitters’ general manager, Mickey Graham, says Wednesday’s game against the Resorters was sold out. But with a look at the crowd, it may not seem that way.

“We worked with the Grand Traverse Health Department, our hospital partners, our team doctors, the county, and we developed a pretty comprehensive COVID-19 readiness plan,” Graham says.

That readiness plan includes limiting the amount of people in the venue to just 500.

To make sure fans are following social distancing guidelines, the Pit Spitters have them sitting in small pods throughout the stands.

Guests are also encouraged to wear masks.

“It’s not required but we’re asking them to wear a mask and then when they’re walking around to wear it and when you’re sitting in your seat, take it off,” Graham says.Pitt

Many fans like Tatum Kambrell say they’re just happy to be back at the old ball game.

“I like seeing some people win and I like all of the excitement,” Kambrell says. “Let’s go Pit Spitters!”

As some root for the home team, others like Adrienne Fruit are there to support a favorite player.

“My brother—he’s playing today. We haven’t seen him in quite a while, so we’ve come to talk to him and watch him do his favorite thing,” Fruit says.

After Wednesday’s game, the Pit Spitters’ crew members say they will sanitize the building and clean every seat to turn around and welcome back another crowd on Thursday night.

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