Norte Expands Bike Library to Elk Rapids

The Norte bike program is opening up to Antrim County and starting a new bike library in Elk Rapids.

“We’re really looking to provide more services to more of Grand Traverse region,” said Norte Antrim County Coordinator Lauren Dake. “By being in Elk Rapids with that, we’re going to be providing more services to all of Antrim County.”

Bikes Web ImageNorte’s bike library program is free for people to use. Donated bikes that are in good, working condition are available to check out by appointment and can be used until you need a new one.

“The cool part about the program is that you can start on a balance bike, the smallest one and you can move up to a 16 or a 20 inch bike and work your way up as you get older,” said Bayfront Beach and Bike co-owner Shaun Quinn. “It’s a great way to do it.”

Cadillac’s McLain Cycling and Fitness provided the first few bikes for check out, and people from the community have made donations as well.

The bikes for checkout are currently at Dake’s house, but will soon be in a bike shed behind Bayfront Beach and Bike in Elk Rapids.

“We were more than excited to be a part of it,” said Quinn. “You can come in to the shop, we will fit you on a bike and that’s from anything from a child on up.”

Dake hopes this will spark a change in the community.

“I think we’re going to see more of a movement towards wanting to have an active community that wants to get from point a to point b using a bike rather than a car,” said Dake.

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