Michigan Made: The Kooty Key

After being disgusted by the constant lack of handwashing of those around him, entrepreneur and germaphobe, Ken Kolb came up with a way to cut down on the spread of bacteria and germs. In 1342896772015, he invented the Kooty Key that makes it easier to avoid commonly touched surfaces – like door handles and ATM buttons.

Over the past few years, the Kooty Key has been modified to fit the current wants and needs of consumers. Here are its features:

  • Has antimicrobial properties to keep germs from spreading
  • Made with a lightweight, durable plastic that can open heavy doors
  • T-shaped handle distributes weight evenly when opening doors
  • Attaches to a keychain, purse, belt loop, etc. with its key ring and badge reel

The Kooty Key has garnered even more popularity due to COVID-19, and while it is not a cure – it does make a difference in how quickly we spread illnesses. It’s a modest little gadget, that comes in a variation of colors. The Kooty Key is ‘Made in Michigan’ – and can be purchased at kootykey.com or on Amazon.

For more information about the Kooty Key, click here.

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