Britain Calls China’s New Hong Kong Law ‘A Clear Violation’

07 01 20 Hong Kong Vo

Britain’s foreign secretary is planning to draw a line in the sand over China’s new national security law.

Hong Kong police have made their first arrests under newly passed legislation, which criminalizes offenses like secession and subversion against the Chinese government, terrorism, and colluding with foreign officers.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the new law is a “clear and serious violation” of the Sino-British Joint Declaration—a 23-year-old agreement that allowed the former British colony to be governed by China.

Raab says he is planning out the details for actions the U.K. will be taking, along with its international partners.

The people arrested under the new law were carrying a Hong Kong independence flag and held up a sign of the British flag—calling for Hong Kong’s independence from China.

Chinese lawmakers say the new national security legislation is necessary to maintain stability in Hong Kong.

But the people of the territory believe it is another step closer toward losing the city’s freedoms.