Suspect Arraigned in Buckley Murder Monday Night

The Wexford County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a murder that happened Monday night in Buckley.

Central Dispatch received a call from a woman in Buckley that her ex-boyfriend was in her house and threatening her with a weapon.

“She was panicked, and she was asking for help,” says Wexford County Sheriff Trent Taylor.

At 8:16 p.m. Monday, Wexford County deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call from Angela Admasian who said she was in danger of her ex-boyfriend Alex Mesler.

“When sheriff deputies arrived, they found they found the ex-boyfriend sitting on the front porch and the caller was found inside the residence,” says Sheriff Taylor.

Admasian was found severely injured and unresponsive and later pronounced dead.

“He was taken into custody without incident,” says Sheriff Taylor. “This remains an open investigation and it will for quite some time, we don’t believe that there was anyone else in the residence when this occurred.”

On Tuesday, Mesler was arraigned at the Wexford County Courthouse.

Wexford County Prosecutor Jason Elmore says, “We have charged the defendant Mr. Mesler with premeditated or first-degree murder, the maximum punishment for that is life without parole.”

Elmore says this is Mesler’s fourth habitual offence and second offence against the victim.

In 2017, Mesler was convicted for domestic violence and aggravated assault. The domestic violence listed Admasian as the victim.

“The defendant also has prior breaking and entering, home invasions, larceny from a build and two escapes from a confinement facility,” says Elmore.

Now, Sheriff Taylor says his detectives are finishing the investigation:

“My detectives are still investigating, conducting interviews, evidence will be processed by the state police crime lab, everything will be forwarded to the Wexford County Prosecuting Attorney for review.”

Elmore says the next step is a probable cause hearing that will happen next Tuesday, July 7.