Pres. Trump Denies Being Briefed on Russia-Taliban Bribery Controversy

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The White House is now confronting a leaked report that Russian intelligence officers bribed Taliban forces to kill U.S. troops.

President Trump is claiming that the U.S. intelligence community never briefed him about the situation. He took to Twitter to say intelligence officials didn’t brief him because they “did not find this info credible.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the information was never personally conveyed to the president because there was “no consensus” on its credibility.

But there doesn’t have to be a consensus to brief the commander-in-chief. And reports say the president was provided a written briefing on the alleged bounties earlier this spring.

CBS News reports the CIA believed the allegations, the National Security Agency questioned them, and the president’s national security aides discussed it.

Eight Republican lawmakers were briefed on Monday.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham responded to the situation on Twitter, saying, “It is imperative Congress gets to the bottom of the reports.”

And Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, who holds the third-highest position in the GOP, says she demands to know why the president wasn’t briefed and what is being done to protect American Forces and hold Putin accountable.

Democrats in Congress are being briefed Tuesday.

Both Russia and the Taliban are denying the reports, but U.S. intelligence leaders are not.

John Ratcliffe, director of National Intelligence, released a statement saying, “Unauthorized disclosures now jeopardize our ability to ever find out the full story with respect to these allegations.”