Leaving Out the Sparks, Flames and Fires this Independence Day with some Fun and Safe Alternatives

Are you looking for a fun and safe way to recognize the ‘4th of July’ holiday? BuzzFeed’s Jessica Probus compiled a list of some great ways to celebrate Independence Day without the dangers of Abstract 653941 1280sparks, flames, and fires.

Here are some of her recommendations for ‘Safe Alternatives to Fireworks‘:

  1. Glowsticks – cheap, bright, and colorful. They don’t heat up and excellent for sensory play.
  2. Piñatas – the sky is the limit for the selections of piñatas you can purchase at a store, or make on your own. It can look like a star or firecracker, be red, white and blue, or whatever you want.
  3. Confetti Eggs – uses biodegradable, colored shredded paper for some safe and explosive fun.
  4. LED Ropes – can be really fun for nighttime dancing, and great for a laugh.

You can find all of the directions for these ideas, and the full list of BuzzFeed’s ‘Safe Alternatives to Fireworks’ – here.

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