Grant Me Hope: Ardez

In this edition of ‘Grant Me Hope’, we met 11-year-old Ardez

This sweet, caring, and loving boy, “enjoys being a positive influence on younger youth”. His social worker says, “[heArdez Gmh] is an extrovert and enjoys being social with his peers. Ardez is smart and resilient, and he can be described as compassionate and sincere”.

He is also a team player and a leader on the field when it comes to his favorite sport, football. “This helps him channel his emotions in a healthy and productive manner,” according to the social worker,  “he had an event at his residence where was able to meet Detroit Lions players. He reported this was a fun time for him”.

Ardez is looking for a family that will be patient to meet his needs. “Having a healthy and appropriate male role model would be very beneficial for Ardez, whether it be a parent, a relative, or a close family friend,” says a person close to him.

Besides finding his forever family, Ardez’s future aspirations include becoming a police officer.

If you are interested in adopting Ardez or more sweet kids like him, click here.

Grant Me Hope is a collaboration between the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, 9&10 News, and the business community.

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