Gov. Whitmer Expected to Announce Return to School Plan

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to announce her return to school plan Tuesday afternoon.

It will include restrictions schools must follow to safely get students back into their classrooms.

The governor’s plan for this school year comes after her office and state legislative leaders agreed on a plan to address Michigan’s budget shortfall.

It will bring help to Michigan’s schools and colleges.

The state will be investing a large part of the more than $3 billion they got from the federal government into the state’s education.

$200 million is heading to state universities and colleges to help support them amid the pandemic, $53 million would go to hazard pay for teachers, meaning each teacher will get $500 in hazard pay.

To help school districts recover from the coronavirus crisis, the state is planning to send $530 million to them.

The state also has a plan to solve the $2.2 billion general fund and school aid fund shortfall.

Governor Whitmer’s address is set for 3 p.m. Tuesday.

It has been a week since her last press conference.

Since then a lot has changed in the past week and much of the state is waiting for their chance to move to phase 5 soon.

For weeks now, Governor Whitmer has been stressing the plan was to get the entire state to phase 5 by the Fourth of July.

It’s June 30, and now that is looking less likely.

June 30 is also the date she has touted as the release of her plan to get students back into school in the fall. We expect to hear more on that at her press conference Tuesday.

Also, late Monday night they released a statement saying both the governor and GOP leaders in the Legislature have agreed on the supplemental for this year’s budget, including how the state will allot COVID relief dollars.

Add in the fact that Michigan’s decline in cases has seemed to plateau a bit with small outbreaks popping up around the state. Also many states seeing major outbreaks and closing their economies, it will be interesting to see what the governor says about the progress here.

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