COVID-19 Cases Continue To Surge Across The Nation

06 30 20 Covid Latest Vo.transfer

The World Health Organization says the biggest challenge most countries will now face—is learning how to coexist with the virus until a vaccine is available.

The virus is responsible for more than half a million deaths worldwide and Americans account for more than quarter of them.

The number of new daily cases in Arizona and Florida are comparable to New York’s peaks. Many states are rethinking their reopening plans.

In New Jersey, indoor restaurant seating was planned to resume on Thursday. Now the state’s governor postponed it indefinitely.

And in the hardest hit states—including Florida, Texas, Arizona and California—bars are now forced to shut down. There are limits on public gatherings and new increased restrictions on gyms, theaters and beaches.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes President Trump should sign an executive order directing everyone to wear a mask.

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