Red Wings Training Camp Moved to Detroit, Prospect Tournament Canceled

Normally this time of year, Traverse City begins preparing for the Red Wings and prospects, along with hockey fans, flocking to Centre Ice Arena for Red Wings Training Camp and the NHL Prospect Tournament.

However, they moved Training Camp to Detroit and cancelled the tournament altogether due to coronavirus concerns.

“It’s unfortunate but it does make sense,” Tom Rodes, Detroit Red Wings Training Camp Director. “We didn’t want to take any risks especially with the health and safety of all of those who are involved under one building, Centre Ice that is, and it made sense to postpone at this point.”

Volunteers and fans are disappointed to see it cancelled, but said they saw it coming.

“I wasn’t surprised, with ticket sales coming soon, they had to make a decision,”said long-time volunteer and spectator of training camp, Jeff Kotimko. “It’s just a bummer for us, it’s an opportunity to see friends. We have friends that come from Nebraska, Tennessee, from the Metro Area, we always congregate at my place, at dinner, we go get drinks, we have friends from Colorado that come. I’m going to miss seeing all those people.”

The cancellation, like many others, will put a dent in the tourism that is usually seen those weeks in Traverse City.

“It’s just one of those events that’s huge in the September time frame, but I still think there will be plenty of activity people still love coming to Traverse City and we’ll get past this at some point but unfortunately we just have to play it safe for now,” added Rodes.

The Red Wings plan to bring Training Camp, the Prospect Tournament, and the Training Camp Golf Classic back to Traverse City in 2021.

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